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At Kotaway, we take a holistic approach to production meaning that we prioritize natural, elegant and effective pieces that are created through a transparent and sustainable production process. We make thoughtful products for you that embrace natural and slow living, providing longevity and exceptional quality for Everyday wear and Wellness.
Making products  that combine elegance and comfort for people to enjoy for years to come is important to us. Therefore, we prioritise using Eco friendly and natural fabrics of exceptional quality.
By partnering with small manufacturers across Serbia we are providing job opportunities for local communities and ensuring that the entire production process remains flawless, equitable and carefree.



Wear for Life

Our pieces are carefully crafted to last while providing elegance and comfort. We pay special attention to every detail, and 

put in time and care to make unique pieces of exceptional quality.  Devoted to slow living, we create effortless clothing lines 

of high-quality natural materials such as cotton, linen. We are about uncomplicated aesthetics which ensure that 

our garments remain timeless. Our everyday essentials are flexible and adjustable, designed to wear for any occasion at any time. 

All our essentials are patiently handmade in small series via a: highly ethical and sustainable production process.