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About us

Kota started in 2015 with the aim of filling a specific gap in the Serbian market. Limited edition collections designed & ethically produced in Belgrade.

Rather than giving into fast fashion we prefer clothes that are simple and versatile. Our inspiration came from the ease of T-shirts and a desire to create year-round, timeless pieces.
Exploring new ways of living, we came to the conclusion that it’s energy and our personal freedom that give us the power of full engagement. For us, downtime is a productive time where we blend inspired moments of our lives from the domains of architecture, art, design, contemporary culture.

We believe that our collections will inspire others to be the leaders in their own lives, to live free of trends, to express themselves relying on their intuition, their own rules. What this is all about is effortless dressing and its impact on our feelings. Our clothes may give us a carefree attitude, but we give them full consideration in terms of details and design.

Hand made, Limited runs, Uniquely created.

Kota concept centers around effortless design with a commitment to straightforward and uncomplicated aesthetics, considered as design driven lifestyle brand free from passing trends.

Check out our Facebook profile and Instagram where we post the products of our inspiration and provide some great tips on how to wear Kota pieces. 

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