Herbal tea Free Shipping
Herbal tea Free Shipping
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Kotaway cultivates a direct and personal bond with the people we meet,  collectively drawn to alluring, versatile, and timeless pieces. We make thoughtful products for you that embrace natural and slow living, providing longevity and exceptional quality for Everyday wear and Wellness.

Wear for Life
Kotaway is a curated line of timeless design and effortless femininity, created for the independent women of the world. Handmade in Belgrade, the label explores the contemporary symbiosis between the natural world and our urban lifestyles. We are about uncomplicated aesthetics which ensure that our garments remain timeless. All our essentials are patiently handmade in small series via a: highly ethical and sustainable production process.
Kotaway Herbal
By exploring our inner and outer boundaries we come to know ourselves. Growth happens at the edges. We have been working on local natural herbal teas about 6 months. The road was full of challenges, but the purpose remained the same, to reconnect with our real nature. In brewing tea we receive this gift and all the people who brought it to us. In drinking tea we literally become one with the plant, sunlight, the rain.